Alghanim Drives Information-Driven Cross-Brand Marketing with Algonomy’s CDP

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Multi-brand conglomerate leverages AI-powered real-time decision-making to personalize omnichannel shopping experience Multi-brand conglomerate leverages AI-powered real-time decision-making to personalize the omnichannel shopping experience

Alghanim, one of the largest retailers in the Middle East region, has moved from generic communication to intelligent behavioral targeting by leveraging a customer data platform (CDP). The CDP solution, which comes with built-in machine learning algorithms, enabled the century-old retail giant to unify its customer profiles (which included millions of records) across its various businesses and systems – to better understand its customers and improve their experience through targeted engagement and achieve desired business results.

This real time customer data platform built for retail is offered by Algonomy. The platform enables retailers and brands to make AI-driven decisions and personalize their customers’ omnichannel experience across touchpoints.

Alghanim is a master franchisor for a number of internationally recognized brands in retail, food and beverage, automotive, engineering and credit. The massive enterprise operates more than 30 world-renowned companies and brands in 40 countries.

The conglomerate was looking to achieve scale and speed in managing millions of customer profiles across geographies to better understand them and improve their overall experience. The company therefore wanted a unified 360-degree view of its customers across brands and at different levels of the business to drive personalized cross-brand journeys.

In addition to this, Alghanim was also looking to solve the complexity of managing data across disparate systems, in terms of companies, products, customers, geographies and outlets. The company was determined to uncover information hidden in its vast datasets. While the was equipped with a large and skilled data science team, access to unified and structured data hampered their ability to create advanced AI models to inform marketing decisions. All of this impacted time to market and their ability to achieve high response rates.

After a thorough evaluation of the various marketing platforms available in the market, Alghanim focused on Algonomy’s CDP, which was perfectly suited to their specific use cases, scale and speed requirements. CDP integrated seamlessly with their existing systems using out-of-the-box connectors to bring siled data together for a single source of truth. The platform acted as a connecting channel between companies, brands and geographies. Additionally, it could also leverage machine learning algorithms to create granular customer segments, advanced cross-business unit analysis, and enable acquisition, growth, and retention campaigns.

Alghanim and Algonomy have partnered to realize new insights with data and use the derived results to design actionable personalized strategies.

Algonomy’s CDP delivers powerful insights throughout the customer journey, dynamically generating hundreds of microsegments for precision targeting. The platform provides campaign effectiveness reports allowing marketers to assess and optimize ROI.

Alghanim not only leveraged Smart Audience enabled in the CDP to orchestrate personalized cross-sell campaigns across all channels using Algonomy’s natively integrated customer journey orchestration solution. The Customer Journey Orchestration solution helps drive journey-based engagements through SMS, email, app push notifications, and other channels. As a result, the retail giant can cross-sell and retain customers while reducing campaign management time.

Algonomy’s solution also helps Alghanim scale its marketing with intelligence-driven communication to acquire, grow and retain customers and improve the customer journey.

“Algonomy’s AI-powered platform has helped us better understand our customers to drive targeted customer engagement. The platform’s flexibility in micro-segmentation and its customer journey orchestration features help us ensure a superior customer experience, creating a lasting relationship between our brands and our customers,” says Altug Can Aldanmaz Head of Customer Engagement & Analytics Alghanim Industries.

“We have a strong presence in the retail industry, having built a CDP to address specific industry use cases, enabling faster time to value and better marketing results for our customers,” says Mr. Amit Agarwal, SVP Sales, BD & Customer Success – APAC & MEA – Algonomy.

Algonomy’s solutions have enabled other companies such as Big Y, Visionworks, Robinsons Supermarkets, Alshaya Group, Consum Spain and Pizza Hutto to deliver superior customer engagement.

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