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The Doris Duan-Young Autism Center (DDY) is pleased to announce the launch of its brand new website! After years of hard work and dedication, the center is delighted to officially share this with all of you! The website features the following, but not limited to: a refreshed look at the facilities at the DDY Center, its wide range of therapy services for purposeful people, its remarkable accomplishments, the members of its team who are there to help. origin of the successes of the center, publications in the media and many others.

DDY’s main goal in launching its new website, in addition to being part of the centre’s rebranding, is to provide a more informative and user-friendly experience that clearly spells out the centre’s vision and mission, which it represents. , enhanced careers pages and what it can achieve for determined people as a center that positions itself as a one-stop solution for comprehensive autism care. As an organization that is dedicated to “becoming the premier provider of autism care” and strives to “be innovative in the field of autism”, it is very important to make information about their services and their achievements easily accessible to current and potential customers.

Speaking of current and potential customers, they will find useful information about the benefits of enrolling their child in DDY on the home page of the website. Testimonials from parents were presented to show how the center continues to make remarkable changes in many lives of determined children and young adults and DDY’s important role in reaching their full potential and inclusion in the community. company. Among the new features of the site, it is also linked to the center’s social media platforms for easy access (i.e. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn) to provide constant updates and communication to the public. .

In addition, and still in line with the rebranding of DDY, the elements of the DDY logo have been redesigned since the creation of the center in 2014. The contours of the “ribbon heart” have been softened to represent the softness, the colors of the rainbow spectrum filled the new softened heart – representing the various symptoms, abilities and challenges faced by determined people, and finally the almost circular element in the heart of the original logo is now a perfect circle to represent inclusion.

The values ​​of the center have also been refined and selected on the basis of their relevance and applicability: commitment, unconditional love and passion.

DDY may have undergone a significant transformation, but the center remains and is committed to being a caring expertise that enables all determined people to reach their full potential through its comprehensive, personalized and innovative care.

Visit and support the new DDY website by clicking on this link:

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