Banorte and Republic Bank have the recipe for solid success in corporate governance at the Ethical Boardroom Awards

Grupo Financiero Banorte (Banorte), Mexico’s largest financial institution, and leading Caribbean organization Republic Financial Holdings Limited (RFHL) are recognized for their corporate governance standards at this year’s Ethical Boardroom Awards.

Every year, Ethical Boardroom Magazine – the bimonthly digital magazine that provides in-depth coverage and critical analysis of global governance issues – recognizes the world’s leading champions of corporate governance in their industries.

Like all listed companies or state-owned companies finalists of the Awards, Banorte and RFHL underwent an in-depth analysis of governance factors along with an in-depth review of governance attributes, such as board composition, board committees, shareholder rights and transparency.

Ethical meeting roomRewards Manager Henry Smart said: “Banorte has worked hard to adopt new policies to regulate operations and provide greater transparency to the market. Leadership within Banorte has been an important catalyst in corporate governance. Carlos Hank-González, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Marcos Ramírez, Managing Director, share a vision of adopting best practices as a symbol of transparency and effective management. They lead the way in the process not only of knowing and witnessing the market trends in the matter, but also of transforming and adapting the group to international best practices.

“While Republic Financial Holdings Limited (RFHL) strongly believes in investing in the future and has played a leadership role in the Caribbean in working to create a greener and more sustainable region with a commitment to networks global sustainability. RFHL has taken the bold step of advancing the fight against climate change to help secure the future of the planet and generations to come.

Banorte joins other companies in Latin America, North America and the Caribbean, including Royal Bank of Canada, Natura & Co SA, Chesapeake Utilities Corporation and The Walt Disney Co, in this year’s list of Outstanding Companies in sectors such as manufacturing, banking and utilities.

Information on the 2021 Ethical Boardroom Corporate Governance Awards can be found at Ethical Boardroom Award Winners – The Americas & Caribbean, with this year’s winners revealed in the latest issue of Ethical Boardroom.

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Ethical meeting room is a pioneering bimonthly digital magazine that provides in-depth coverage and critical analysis of global governance issues to help boards stay ahead of the governance curve.

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