Corporate Culture Guru’s New Book Presents Compelling Vision for the Future of Post-COVID-19 Work: Workquake

As we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is facing an earthquake. Employers and employees face the same deeply troubling dilemma: neither of them knows how to build a sustainable work model, as evidenced by:

These staggering changes challenge concepts of what a career looks like today and how organizations should be built. In response, Cadigan postulates that to be successful, business leaders must have more honest conversations about building a better model for the future of work, one that makes employers and employees feel safe and energized. .

Kirkus Reviews calls the book “a vigorous and radical look at the new nature of work”, and BlueInk Reviews hails it as a “very valuable resource”. Janine Yancey, CEO and founder of the cultural technology platform Emtrain, says “[Workquake is] a must read. “

Author Steve cadigan is considered a guru of corporate culture and an expert on the future of work. Scotland, McKinsey and the BBC.

As LinkedIn’s first HR Director, Cadigan is renowned for spearheading LinkedIn’s first talent surge and shaping its world-renowned culture, now considered the gold standard. Throughout his long career, he has led teams, cultures and organizations that have been hailed as “world class” artists by the Wall Street newspaper, Fortune magazine, Bloomberg Businessweek, and more.

Steve cadigan is available for interviews, reports and events. For more information visit

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