Corporate News Alert startup Factal launches 24/7 global service with Breaking News core team

The Factal Seattle press team works out of downtown offices. (Factual photo)

Factal, which provides incident and news alerts to corporate users, said on Tuesday it had started 24-hour global coverage after more than a year of testing with large companies.

The Seattle-based startup, which came to light in August, has come under close scrutiny as its three founders came from Breaking News, a popular journalism website and app owned by NBC News that was shut down by the network in late 2016.

“With more than half of Factal’s team coming from Breaking News, Factal is restoring the verified, lightning-fast coverage that thousands of global organizations have trusted,” wrote Cory Bergman, co-founder of Factal, in a Tuesday blog post noting the 24/7 coverage milestone. “So in many ways Breaking News is finally back – but even better than before.”

Bergman, who is Factal vice president of products and managing director of Breaking News, said the startup allows companies – for a subscription fee – to be alerted to situations such as active shootings, fires. and flooding, “which present an immediate risk to their employees. and business operations. Bergman says Factal’s combination of journalists and technology includes precise geolocation and mapping, proximity alerts, personalized updates, a mobile app and live chat to connect with Factal’s editors.

The founders of Factal, from left to right, Cory Bergman, Charlie Tillinghast and Ben Tesch. (Photo GeekWire / Todd Bishop)

Along with Bergman, Factal’s co-founders are Ben Tesch, vice president of technology, and Charlie Tillinghast, CEO. All three have had key roles with Breaking News. Last week, the startup announced that it had finished hiring the team for its Seattle and London newsrooms, including staff at NBC News, BBC News and CBS News.

Bergman himself will be the guest of a live recording of the GeekWire podcast on Wednesday, October 24 in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, starting at 6 p.m. ET.

For Breaking News fans who miss this free service, Factal has also launched a free newsletter for “analysts, journalists and news junkies” called Factal Forecast, which highlights global news from the coming week. Factal said earlier that it is also exploring a potential consumer product that will support its mission to protect people from harm around the world.

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