As a rule, the majority of German couples are jointly taxed. The entire income of both parties is used to finance your livelihood. If a spouse does not work, for example, because he cares for the education of the offspring, his spouse is just for the financing of the livelihood.

In the case of loans or debts, however, a spouse must be responsible for the debts that he has made before the marriage alone. The same applies if one of the spouses takes out a loan during the marriage. If, for example, the wife concludes a purchase contract for a car or even buys a condominium and takes out a loan without a husband, she is the sole owner and therefore also solely responsible for the liability of the loan.

The household bill – information about the payment options

The household bill - information about the payment options

Reasons for a loan without a husband but may have smaller occasions than buying a car or apartment. For example, if the wife is planning a bigger surprise for the husband who does not want to know about it, or she wants to be financially independent, a loan may also be eligible. And it is quite possible to take out a loan even as a single spouse. However, first of all, the bank draws up a household bill, which is customary when granting loans in Germany. All revenues, such as the applicant’s salary and other sources of income, are used for this purpose. For the indication of the salary a proof of income is needed, which belongs only to the requesting spouse. If child benefit is paid, it will only be taken into account as a receipt for a loan without a husband if the payment is made to the borrower and not to their husband.

Expenses, such as the cost of living, are compared to this. Here, however, all costs of living are taken into account, that of the entire family including husband and children. Also, the rates of the loan and the rent, if the applicant pays which, is included in the full amount. If there is a plus compared to both sides, the loan can be granted. Such a budgetary statement determines whether the borrower is able to meet his payment obligations on a regular basis. Typically, such a loan works without a husband only in the case when the income or revenue reaches a very high value. In addition, there is a positive credit bureau information, which is required by the banks in such a loan for only one spouse. Even single women who are not married, this issue concerns, because even your income must be sufficient to be able alone to finance a loan.

Loans from abroad

Loans from abroad

Even banks abroad, such as in Switzerland are a good way to obtain a loan without a husband. However, the principle that a budget statement must be presented also applies here. Only a credit bureau request is waived in this case, it is sufficient for a regulated income of the wife for a loan without a husband.

If the wife is not in employment or looking for work, no loan will be made, either in Germany or abroad, as the risk of default on the part of the credit institution is simply too high. If collateral comes into play, such as securities or real estate, a loan can nevertheless become possible. The same applies to the guarantee of a liquid third party, which is often accepted by the bank as collateral. This guarantor will then be liable in the event of a default on his assets.