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Hewlett-Packard officially split today into two separately listed companies. HP was founded in 1939 and has continued to thrive and survive many business and commercial challenges. Now this 50,000-strong company is no longer replaced by HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). The move was planned since last year in order to make HP more agile and responsive to the respective segments of the markets it serves.

The wooden garage of the founders of Hewlett-Packard

HP Inc will focus on personal computers and printers, Hewlett Packard Enterprise will focus on business computer systems, software and technology services. PC industry veteran Dion Weisler will lead HP Inc. and HP’s latest CEO Meg Whitman will lead HPE. “Every business will do the essential things better”, Whitman told investors at a conference last month.

HP’s division is around 50:50, with each spinoff expected to generate around $ 50 billion in sales next year, CNBC reports. While some analysts have spoken about the old HP’s slowness to adapt, lacking in the emergence of the web and mobile, some see the negatives in the new HP twins as being less weight than the old mega. company and not much more agile.

In an official press release on the start of a “new era of innovation,” HP Inc. said it “continue to reinvent itself, its technologies and what tomorrow holds”. If the PC and print markets remain difficult, it will continue to grow in “Adjacent markets, such as copiers, graphic printing and business mobility in key verticals” and continue to grow in 3D printing.

HPE says it will provide “Customers need cutting-edge technology solutions to optimize their traditional IT while helping them build a secure, cloud-ready, mobile-ready future that is uniquely tailored to their needs.” Continuing the corporate talk, he says he will focus on four key areas which include; build a hybrid technology infrastructure, strengthen data-driven management, protect the digital enterprise and deliver the best experiences for employees, customers and partners.

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