IJJ Corporation News on the status of corporate reports and progress of the Electronic Commerce Exchange Platform (eCETP).

SPRING SILVER, Md., June 28, 2021 / PRNewswire / – IJJP (OTC: IJJP)

Removal of the stop sign: the current information status in pink is awaiting the final review by the OTCIQ. We anticipate by the 30 June 2021, for a decision to be rendered. All required documents have been submitted to OCTIQ to publish IJJ Corp a Pink Current Information.

Scope of work eCETP (SOW):

The SOW includes a business donation management platform as a fundraising and payment service for donors to donate to fund campaigns for programs and projects. User Experience is a cloud-based dashboard application providing customizable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and analytical statistics. Includes a downloadable client interface, with eCETP independent offsite storage and retrieval. eCETP also includes strategic analysis of KPI analytics statistics with multiple data gaps for planning objective responses.

As reported on June 17, 2021: The MonTech Corporation has been hired March 28, 2021, to provide DevOps software development services for eECTP.

Website https://Montech.io

ECETP Progress Report:

The deliverables of the Montech team:

  1. Third Party Review and Editing of the YJI White Paper
    a. The planned review of the White Paper is June 30, 2021.

  2. The development of the business process for the eCETP platform:
    a. Includes UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) development for a non-functional prototype. UI / UX deliverables must be reviewed late July 2021.
    b. Once UI / UX acceptance is satisfied, the non-functional mockup will be developed.
    vs. The non-functional prototype is expected to take up to 2 months.

More details will be posted on Twitter and LinkedIn as tracking information.

The next priorities:

  1. The Mandatory Training Program: Provides certifications for membership in Alliance Partner. a. By mid-July, the scope of work of the mandatory training is scheduled for completion with UI / UX inclusions.

  2. The structure of the steering committee from onboarding members to drive the technical, market-making and commercial relationships to launch the eCETP will occur, as the formation of the company takes place over the years. next three months.

IJJ Corporation’s website redesign plan to be announced on social media later August 2021 once the eCETP model has been accepted.

The above information is intended for IJJ Corp shareholders, IJJP shareholders and market makers. I will continue to post on Twitter, LinkedIn, providing press releases on important events, when a task is completed, and / or all discoveries, as they occur.

About IJJ Corp. : IJJ Corporation (IJJC) is an ambitious innovative company offering a private B4B network designed to provide access to investors, projects and business networking services.

The Company’s objective is to continue to develop and integrate services and products to provide its customers with the most comprehensive, innovative and turnkey management solutions and services.

The Company will issue additional press releases on the status of the above items in the coming weeks.

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