Kava & Chai partners with The Reach campaign

Mike Butler, CEO of Kava & Chai
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Kava & Chai, collaborated with The Reach Campaign, an awareness and fundraising initiative launched in February 2019 to fight neglected tropical diseases (NTDs).

Reach campaign spokesperson Muna Abdulla Alhammadi, program manager, said: “This campaign is the latest effort in the UAE’s long-standing commitment to end NTDs. We are happy to welcome Kava & Chai on board and thank them very much for their support. The UAE culture is one of giving and we are proud to partner with Kava & Chai to offer customers a way to give the campaign 50 days to transform 5 million lives. Through partnerships like this, we can benefit those in urgent need of help. “

Mike Butler, CEO of Kava & Chai, said: “We place great importance on our corporate social responsibility and are always looking for ways to give back and support our community and our society around the world. The Reach campaign inspired us with their level of dedication to raising funds for those suffering from completely preventable neglected tropical diseases. We are delighted to announce our partnership with the cause, part of our sales will be used to finance their precious initiative. “

“We are happy to be a part of this incredible effort and are honored to have the opportunity to raise awareness and directly contribute to such an important cause.” Mike adds.

River blindness and lymphatic filariasis disproportionately affect populations worldwide, with 218 million people in need of treatment for river blindness and 860 million at risk for lymphatic filariasis. The campaign funds the Reaching the Last Mile Fund (RLMF), which provides prevention and treatment in seven countries in the Middle East and Africa, namely Sudan, Yemen, Ethiopia, Mali, Niger, Chad and Senegal.

To celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the United Arab Emirates marking 50 years since its founding and to mark the continued commitment of the founding father of the United Arab Emirates, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, to end tropical diseases, the campaign Reach is launching a special “50 Days to Transform” 5 Million Lives Campaign. This campaign calls for the support of local and international businesses as well as the general public to transform 5 million lives.

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