LIXIL Redefining Corporate Culture through Transformation

SINGAPORE, November 30, 2020 / PRNewswire / – LIXIL, maker of pioneering water and housing products, today announced that, as part of ongoing measures to simplify the organization and move to a more agile culture, it is simplifying titles for managers and above throughout the organization. For managers of LIXIL International and working in global roles in corporate functions, titles will be standardized as “Leader” with area of ​​responsibility.

The timing of the move is in line with ongoing transformation initiatives, including the divestiture of non-core businesses and the merger of LIXIL Group and LIXIL Corporation to move to a streamlined operating company structure. Through a series of transformation exercises, LIXIL embeds a more agile, empowering and open culture that empowers employees to succeed to their full potential.

LIXIL is now taking a transformational step to remove barriers to agility and ensure that the focus remains on the job, standardizing the titles of “Leader” as well as their area of ​​responsibility, effectively December 1, 2020.

Along with the simplification of titles, LIXIL also redefined the role of corporate officers this year to consist of a Chairman and two classes of officers: Deputy CEO and Deputy CEO, reducing the number of corporate officers from 50 to 24 The change also clarified the roles and responsibilities of the management team with the fiduciary responsibility to manage and set the direction of the company, thus strengthening governance.

Bijoy Mohan, Manager at LIXIL International, noted, “This is a very visible step towards a simpler, more autonomous and non-hierarchical culture. What is important is the actual work for which individuals are responsible, not the title or rank they carry. We focus on strengthening agile teamwork. Teams create value for the organization by capitalizing on collective strengths and diversity of thought, which will be made possible when we have an environment that eliminates respect for hierarchy, fear of consequences and lack of transparency. win, rather than a person’s rank. My management team and I are committed to making this change a real change. “

With this change, LIXIL also aims to better serve its partners and consumers, by placing even more emphasis on the services provided, rather than on the title held by employees. Ultimately, LIXIL aims to build a more agile and innovative organization that can quickly adapt to changes in an ever-changing world, and that understands and responds to the changing needs of consumers, which will be essential to enable sustainable growth. .


LIXIL manufactures pioneering water and housing products that solve the challenges of everyday life, making better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere. Building on our Japanese heritage, we create cutting edge technology and innovate to make high quality products that transform homes. But the LIXIL difference is in the way we do it; through meaningful design, entrepreneurship, dedication to improving accessibility for all and responsible business growth. Our approach is brought to life through industry-leading brands including INAX, GROHE, American Standard and TOSTEM. More than 60,000 colleagues operating in more than 150 countries pride themselves on making products that touch the lives of more than one billion people every day. Learn more about

LIXIL Group Corporation (TSE code: 5938) is the listed holding company of LIXIL’s business portfolio.


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