Borrowing money from a usurer is usually not considered the best idea. The media often presents cases where a loan from a usurer leads to an unpleasant debt spiral that often results in execution. But there are situations in life where we need money immediately and not getting it immediately could lead to even greater problems.

In such a case, the loan from a usurer is sometimes the only way out and we have to accept usury conditions and high interest.

Maybe you are also bothered by the question of where can I find the usurers who will lend me quickly?

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The term usurer usually refers to a so-called private creditor who borrows money from his own resources. Usually, usurers pay the borrowed money in cash on hand instead of signing the bill. Honest usurers do not receive any commissions or fees from their debtors in advance. You will pay all the costs of the loan only subsequently from your interest and installments. The amount you can borrow depends on the agreement, but in general, the more guarantees you can provide, the more money you can borrow. For example, unemployed people can borrow up to CZK 50,000, while women on maternity leave or retirees can count up to 100 000 CZK. For an employee or entrepreneur the amount is not limited in any way, everything depends on his income and agreement with the usurer. Usury loans are usually secured by a promissory note and the money is paid out on hand in cash.

Interest is not fixed for usury loans, it all depends on the agreement between usurer and client

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However, it is necessary to expect a higher APR than in the bank. On the other hand, usury loans have many advantages. It does not consult the debtors register, nor does it check your other obligations or repayments of other loans. In addition, most usurers do not require a pledge because you guarantee the loan with a promissory note. You get the money immediately on hand, so you don’t even have a bank account.

If you are looking for a loan from a usurer


You should avoid fraudsters who promise to borrow but in fact only extract money from you and do not give you the loan. As a warning sign that this is a fraud, it is often the case that the lender wants to pay you some, often quite high fees in advance under various pretexts. If you pay, you usually do not receive the loan and you will never hear the fraudster. Also beware if someone wants to call you on a phone number beginning with nine. The subsequent phone call could be very expensive. Although loan shark loans do not have a very good reputation, if you follow the basic rules of caution, they can help you effectively solve your money problems.