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In an effort to shrink its money-losing online division and focus on its strengths, Microsoft announced yesterday that it will transfer various of these businesses to other tech companies.

Microsoft and Uber

Microsoft will sell some of its card generation technology to Uber. In an agreement announced yesterday, the part of Microsoft’s mapping unit that works on map image acquisition and map data processing will be taken over by Uber.

The often controversial taxi company already uses a combination of map services from Google, Apple and Baidu and the acquisition of the map unit from Microsoft does not mean that will change, a source said. Microsoft has said it will not collect its own map images but will continue to work with vendors such as Nokia for its own maps.

The 100 or so Microsoft employees working in the relevant industry will be offered jobs at Uber. No financial terms were disclosed by either party, Reuters reports.

Microsoft and AOL

Under a 10-year agreement with AOL (now part of Verizon), AOL will sell display advertising (not search advertising) on ​​MSN,, Xbox, Skype and other applications. Microsoft. As part of the deal, Bing will become the search engine behind AOL searches starting next year.

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Microsoft released a statement on the AOL partnership; “Today’s news is proof that Microsoft is increasingly focusing on our strengths: in this case, search and search advertising and the creation of quality consumer content and services. “ It said. The world’s largest software company has claimed that Bing will make a profit in the next fiscal year.

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