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Microsoft has taken the plunge and decided to change the company logo ahead of the launch of Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows Phone 8 and all the new computing devices that will accompany these new operating systems. For the first time, the logo will be accompanied by a symbol; a multicolored window with four shutters. This is a similar arrangement and appearance to the logos of the Windows operating system.

Jeffrey Meisner, writing on Microsoft’s official blog, wrote about the reasoning behind the company’s logo redesign; “It’s been 25 years since we updated the Microsoft logo and now is the perfect time for a change. It’s an incredibly exciting year for Microsoft as we prepare to release new versions of almost all of our products. From Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 to Xbox services and the next version of Office, you’ll see a common look across all of these products providing a familiar and seamless experience on PCs, phones, tablets, and TVs. He said that this new logo “Visually accentuates this new beginning”.

Breaking down the logo into its constituent parts, Meisner explains what each part represents; “The logo has two components: the logotype and the symbol. For the logo, we use the Segoe font which is the same font we use in our products as well as in our marketing communications. The symbol is important in a world of digital movement (as shown in the video above). The colored squares of the symbol are intended to express the company’s diverse product portfolio. In the video, you can clearly see the four colored shutters assembled from several flagship Microsoft products; Windows (blue), Office (red), XBOX (green) and, uh… a yellow one!

The colorful four-fold symbol appearing in the new Microsoft logo appears to have been used before. Readers of the NeoWin Windows news blog pointed out to publishers that Microsoft was using almost the exact same design and colors in a promotional video showing multitasking in Windows 95! Additionally, readers were quick to point out that the new four-pane design looks more like a window than the Windows symbol design, which looks like a flag. Windows 95’s four-pane design differs a bit in color from the new Microsoft symbol design, but part of the reason could be the American television standard NTSC (acronym says – Never the same color). Please watch the Windows 95 video below.

It will take some time for Microsoft to implement the new logo and update all documentation and previous products that the company logo is used on, so you might spot the old one here and there for a while. It’s already implemented on and the symbol also works great as a favicon. Yesterday, coinciding with the announcement of the new logo, three Microsoft retail stores were updated with the new design.

Microsoft Marketing Director Chris Capossela opens Microsoft Store in Boston,
which features the new company logo on August 23, 2012.

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