News Corporation News Engage Lounge, Melbourne

News Corp is set to host its annual series of News Engage events in Melbourne, with discounted advertising packages and interactive information sessions available to attendees. Here’s how to get involved.

Discounted advertising packages and interactive briefings with specialists from News Corp Australia’s wide range of brands will be offered to businesses at an annual event hosted by the media group in Melbourne.

The News Engage event will take place in the impressive event space of Tennis HQ Melbourne Park from Monday October 28 through Friday November 1, featuring an interactive exhibit and presentation demonstrating how News Corp brands engage customers and the public.

Several sessions will take place each day.

Businesses are invited to attend, with discounts on tailored advertising packages negotiated the same day.

News Corp Australia Victorian General Sales Director Royce Zygarlicki said News Engage was designed to educate the market on how it can attract and retain customers through creative and innovative marketing campaigns.

“We walk the participants around the exhibition, where we present our different offers in the areas of lifestyle, prestige, food, travel and sport in products such as Sun Herald and Leader community newspapers, the australian, magazines such as Vogue, Vogue Living and GQ as well as digital assets,, ”he said.

“If this is a new customer, we ask them about their business, what their challenges are, make a discovery the same day, and discuss how we can tailor a marketing solution that can help them better at achieving its goals.

“And then there’s also the once-a-year opportunity to create a bespoke, customer-centric advertising package at a reduced price, providing additional reach and impact for even greater ROI.”

News Engage was launched by News Corp last year as a series of events held across the country.

Melbourne’s first event took place in early December 2018 and has since grown into an annual opportunity for current and potential clients to interact with specialists.

“We had hundreds of people through the event last time around, and a lot of them took advantage of the incentive advertising packages and it was very well received,” Zygarlicki said.

“Next week, we’ll be showcasing the breadth and depth of News Corp’s News Corps offering in print and digital, teaching existing and potential customers how they can best reach their target audience, be it hyper local. or national.

“Even though the economic climate is tough right now, advertising in a downturn is a smart thing to do.

“Those who keep advertising are growing faster than those who don’t – not advertising during a tough time can weaken your brand and reduce your bottom line in the long run. “

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