Papa John Schnatter dishes on pizza and awakened corporate culture

In this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Papa John founder John Schnatter joins host Ben Domenech and culture editor Emily Jashinsky to talk about what makes pizza great, how whose pizza companies will recover from harmful COVID-19 restrictions and the awakening of corporate culture. a problem.

“When you speak on the independent pizzerias, they or they really are my hero, ”said Schnatter. “Dad John started in the return of a broom bathroom, so I to like a Small dude and I am a fighter for the independent pizzeria, all the path at the Bank.”

“THats What disturbs me on COVID is it is summer really hard to small Business in the small Business owners, ”said Schnatter, expressing the hope that many pizza restaurants will be able to make a financial return.

Businesses that promote things like racial, gender and sexual diversity, Schnatter said, can be good if not just for the show, but often the diversity of thought is not taken. into account by these same companies.

“The problem with boards is that they’re very weak,” Schnatter said.

“Collaborative confrontation in the question line is to make others better or to make society better,” he added. “I think it’s really good and healthy and I think that’s what made America, America, and the idea of ​​shutting it down because somebody doesn’t think like me or I don’t not think the way they’re doing it is basically taking away our first amendment rights.

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