SeaBubbles presents its flying capsule at the Future Innovation Summit

With common goals, Seabubbles and space capsules must pack the highest energy density with efficient motors in the lightest possible weight in order to defy gravity and fly.

The Future Innovation Summit is held at the Meydan Hotel on May 11-12 for two days of in-depth exploration of various topics such as NFTs, climate change, health, energy, sustainability and robotics under the prism technological and industrial development. changes. Participants presented their solutions and aspirations for shaping a more resilient and connected world.

Virginie Seurat, SVP of Seabubbles, the first hydrogen-powered flying boat, said: “New emission-free mobility is possible if cutting-edge innovations are developed to support the ecological transition.

“The UAE economy is leveraging talent across all sectors to unleash the potential of technology applied to global transition. We are interweaving R&D initiatives and capabilities to serve the next chapter of our evolution. Events like the Future Innovation Summit are milestones for entrepreneurs and institutional players alike, old and new, we all rock game-changing projects like SeaBubbles,” said Adnan Al Noorani, Future Innovation Summit Founder and Chairman of the Board. directors of the private practice of Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi.

Seurat said: “It is reassuring to see that all the actions are converging in the same direction, each plan seems to adapt to the others and the research is aligned with the goal of reducing our global carbon footprint. Being invited to the Future Innovation Summit is an honor for SeaBubbles and great news for the industry as a whole. We are making all the changes that will define the landscapes and cityscapes of the world that we will leave to our future generations. »

The core values ​​of SeaBubbles are towards service excellence in engineering for the world of tomorrow. Their innovation capsule is an iconic eight- to twelve-seat electro-hydrogen hybrid seaplane, whose deployment of a fleet on the territory can quickly lead to highly skilled jobs in the fields of manufacturing, integration, maintenance, operation and management. .

The Taqdeer Prize, under the patronage of Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, recognizes companies that support Dubai’s vision of a balanced society where the environment and workers are at the centre. heart of improvement policies. Indeed, implementing a new mobility solution in such a moving civilization is an innovative way to highlight the country’s research and development in clean motorization, by offering new lifestyles that mitigate the negative impact on our planet.

“We are deeply honored to have been chosen by Taqdeer alongside prestigious companies in Dubai, such as RTA. The award once again merges the values ​​of SeaBubbles with those of the Government of Dubai. We look forward to strengthening this relationship in the years to come and see our boats fly smoothly in the port of Dubai while emitting nothing but water!” says Virginie Seurat, involved in sustainable projects in Dubai since 2017.

The Taqdeer Award delegate states that “SeaBubbles has demonstrated its understanding of Dubai values, as well as its drive to instill excellence in all aspects of the business. We are happy that Seabubbles is part of the Taqdeer Award as a cutting-edge company with strong potential to build the 2050 net-zero vision.

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