The Blockchain Innovation Summit will take place in Dubai

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One of the most anticipated technology events on the blockchain – The Blockchain Innovation Summit will open on October 27, 2021 at the luxurious Palazzo Versace Dubai, from 3 p.m. ICICB has the incredible honor of delivering an experience that promises to deliver the spark of a revolutionary moment in time.

More than 20 global industry experts will seek to decode the secrets of the Blockchain: revealing its particular benefits that can impact our society. They will be supported by more than 40 renowned international content creators, such as George Buhnici and Cristian Dascalu.

Among his speakers, there will be Fred Chesnais, the current CEO of Atari, which he bought out of bankruptcy in 2013. He will talk about the entire Atari Blockchain ecosystem, aimed at challenging the gaming industry. .

In addition, Nikita Sachdev, CEO of Dubai-based PR and marketing agency Luna PR, will deliver a speech on marketing and blockchain and how his company has prevailed in the market, perfectly combining the element human with Blockchain technology.

Nonetheless, the event will bring together participants from the world of entrepreneurship, looking to build strong and long-term relationships, as well as investors in their quest for the next billion dollar opportunity, accompanied by representatives from multinationals.

In short: it will be about networking, education and innovation – the three revolving around the most revolutionary technology since the Internet: the Blockchain.

Blockchain Innovation Summit: 27.10 @Palazzo Versace Dubai

The event was made possible by ICICB, a conglomerate whose main objective is to rethink its entire user experience in all of its areas of activity: decentralized blockchain payments, the entertainment industry, holdings, investments, engineering and the medical system.

Their partner, The Luxury, is focused on energizing the luxury industry with smart blockchain and metaverse solutions; analyze, understand and invest in the great potential of both technologies – which will be highlighted at the Blockchain Innovation Summit.

That being said, the event, organized with great enthusiasm and care by Art Fair Exhibition and the team at Viral Strategies, promises a deep dive into the future – a future that will hopefully be fueled by the benefits. Blockchain rampages.

In addition to facilitating international networking that could stimulate world-class ideas and showcase the concept of a new metaverse platform, the Blockchain Innovation Summit also promises to offer a very entertaining side. Because we want to feel at home: together.

Leaving aside the uniqueness of Palazzo Versace, the night will unfold around a variety of artistic and entertaining moments. For the after party, the organizers have prepared a musical performance at The Float Dubai – on the distinguished yacht “Queen Elisabeth”.

In closing, we look forward to reiterating the impact the Blockchain Innovation Summit wants to have on our society. From increased public trust to heightened levels of security, ateendes will deliver a more cost-effective solution for the global Blockchain implementation while connecting the dots between entrepreneurs, investors and creators: sparking lasting and meaningful ideas. for the future.

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