The concept of four-day working weeks is gaining ground in corporate culture

WASHINGTON DC : Working four days a week sounds too good to be true, right? Well, here’s salt for your injuries – there are companies that offer four-day work weeks to attract workers looking for a better work-life balance.

In the corporate world, where weekends are a luxury, there are employees who only have to work four days a week and have the other three days to themselves.

When they have flexible hours, employers “see an increase in productivity,” Bill Castellano, a professor at Rutgers’ School of Management and Labor Relations, told CNN.

“It has a positive impact on engagement. Flexible people feel reciprocity. They want to give back to the company,” said Castellano.

According to the CNN report, different companies are using different techniques to deliver on the promise of the four-day workweek concept. Some employers have employees who work 10 hours a day, while others reduce the number of hours worked each week.

Some companies design the schedule so that the employee ends up doing eight nine-hour shifts for three days and an eight-hour day and has time off every other Friday.

Shake Shack, an American chain of casual restaurants based in New York, recently announced plans to test the concept of a four-day work week at some of its outlets.

“The days of restoration have been – you work really hard, you’re never home, you work six, seven days a week, and 12-14 hours a day. Lately we’ve started to question that notion. “said Randy, CEO of Shake Shack. Garutti told CNN.

Already following the idea of ​​four days of work, employees of the software company Wildbit have been working 32 hours a week, that is, a four-day week for more than two years now. The practice that started out as an experiment quickly turned out to be beneficial for the employees and the results of the job.

“We continued to expand it each quarter and a year later when we reflected back, we realized we had done more that year than we had in a long time,” said Natalie Nagele, CEO and co-founder of Wildbit.

According to Nagele, getting an extra day off, on top of the weekends, gives employees time to regenerate and return to work all revitalized to give 100%.

“On Monday morning everyone sort of goes to work. You can take the challenges and think about the things that got stuck in you, and then on Monday you feel more able to do the job,” he said. she asserted.

Castellano suggests that the trick to making a four-day work week sustainable is to set measurable goals for employees.

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