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Elite global thought leaders are the people who have received the most nominations from peers, corporate counsel and other market sources this year. Our research has identified them as truly exceptional practitioners and the best in their fields.

Who’s Who Legal does not list companies, only individuals. Leading firms are those in each region whose listed practitioners received the highest number of nominations in our research.

Elite global opinion leaders

  • Brian Arnold – University of Waterloo, Toronto
  • Humberto vila – Humberto Ávila Advocacia, São Paulo
  • Sjoerd Douma – Lubbers Boer Douma, The Hague
  • Andrew Dubroff – EY, Washington DC
  • Jaime Carvalho Esteves – J + Legal, Lisbon
  • Marco Aurélio Greco – Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, São Paulo
  • Marjaana Helminen – University of Helsinki, Helsinki
  • Klaus Hirschler – Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna
  • Eliseu Martins – University of São Paulo, São Paulo
  • Amanda Pletz – NERA Economic Council, London
  • Stephen E Shay – Harvard Law School, Cambridge
  • Heleno Taveira Torres – Heleno Torres Advogados, São Paulo
  • Richard M Wise – Wise Global Advisors, Montreal


Carlos Loureiro is a renowned practitioner with deep expertise in direct and indirect taxation.
Asger Mosegaard Kelstrup
enjoys a solid reputation for its expertise in transfer pricing issues, corporate restructurings and tax audits.
Clara Dithmer is a leading corporate tax specialist who excels in transfer pricing matters.
Alexandre lang
is a reputable tax consultant with considerable experience in advising on tax litigation and audits.
Patricia matos
is revered for its cutting-edge work on complex transfer pricing issues.


Thomas Bjerre is recognized for his first-rate work on transfer pricing issues and financial valuations in the Danish market.
The “excellent” Carlo Romano is a benchmark for tax audits and high-stakes litigation thanks to its two decades of experience in the field.

Leendert Verschoor is a seasoned expert, highly sought after for his expertise in transfer pricing and international tax litigation.

Rosa Areias is recognized for “its efficiency, its precision and its solid technical skills”, as well as its “clarity of thought and its capacity to adapt to the needs of the customers”.


André Dubroff is hailed as “a preeminent figure in the area of ​​consolidated returns” by market sources.
Henrik Ahrnung
is known for over 25 years of experience advising on international tax and transfer pricing issues.
Paulo mendonca
is commended for his extensive experience advising on complex transfer pricing and corporate tax litigation matters.
Marco Magenta
is held in high regard for its exemplary tax consulting services.


Thomas wessel is “highly rated for M&A matters” and rated “a top choice for spin-offs and corporate tax matters” by impressed respondents.

Stefan Haslinger is in demand for its expertise in tax planning and restructuring.

Hans Zöchling is well versed in advising domestic and international clients on a range of corporate tax matters, including restructuring and post-merger and acquisition matters.

Other prominent personalities


Klaus Hirschler from Vienna University of Economics and Business has extensive knowledge of accounting issues and tax reorganizations.
Georg kofler is “at the top of its category” according to impressed peers who stress it as “exceptional on international corporate tax issues”.


Arteo’s Edoardo Traversa is highly regarded as a go-to name for the full range of direct and indirect tax issues in the European market.


Humberto Avila at Humberto Ávila Advocacia is presented as “one of the most important and distinguished professors and experts in tax law in the Brazilian market”.

Eliseu martins of the Universidade de São Paulo is commended for its cutting-edge expertise in sophisticated accounting.

At the Pontificia Universidade Católica, Marco Aurélio Greco comes highly recommended for his market-leading tax advisory practice, which sees him regularly engaged in contentious and non-contentious matters.

Heleno Taveira Torres with Heleno Torres Advogados is “a brilliant tax analyst and professor” with extensive experience advising national and international clients on a range of corporate tax matters.

Paulo de Barros Carvalho of Barros Carvalho Advogados Associados is a “revered scholar” and “seasoned practitioner” who is “well known for his legal opinions” and top-notch advisory services.

With over 30 years of experience, João Francisco Bianco de Mariz de Oliveira e Siqueira Campos Advogados is considered an authority on tax law.


The fantastic” Brian arnold at the University of Waterloo is named “one of Canada’s top business tax experts” for his extensive experience in the field.

Market commentators say Richard sage at Wise Global Advisors stands out as “an excellent choice for business valuations” and financial litigation.

The “excellent” Jack mintz of University of Calgary is an established figure in the Canadian marketplace, recognized for its leading work on corporate tax policy.


Amanda Pletz of NERA Economic Consulting is “an incredibly sharp and detail-oriented practitioner” with “a solid understanding of tax matters and economic principles”.


Marjaana Helminen from the University of Helsinki is a renowned expert, hailed as “extremely competent in the field of European tax law” by those interviewed.


Tal Mofkadi of Numerics Economic & Financial Consulting is widely recognized for its deep expertise in business valuation and accounting matters.

Roy Shalem receives praise for its leading advice on financial valuations and competition matters.


Sjoerd Douma de Lubbers, Boer & Douma is a reference for the full range of income tax matters at home and abroad.

Denis weber at Loyens & Loeff is recognized for his “impressive knowledge of European tax law” by his peers.


Jaime Carvalho Esteves of J + Legal stands out as “one of the best tax experts in Portugal” thanks to its decades of experience in advising on complex tax disputes and transfer pricing issues.

United States

The brilliant ” Stephen shay at Harvard Law School enjoys an excellent reputation for its first-rate practice which covers a range of international tax matters.

Michel Graetz at Columbia University School of Law receives rave reviews for its “detailed knowledge of tax law and policy”.

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